Thursday, August 16, 2012

This week has been busy. I had a two day training on a new writing program for my class and I've gone into my room everyday trying to get things organized and ready for school to start.

More importantly Jon and I celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday. We got a couples massage and then went to dinner. We laughed during dinner because we were so relaxed from our massages that we wanted to sleep. We also had a kooky waitress who kept us entertained. We ate and went home to our little angel. We decided that he was the best thing we've done in our marriage thus far. Hopefully one day we will have another babe running around...and by babe I mean a mini Meghan. I mean K loves to play with my make up and brush my hair with the wrong side of the brush but he also thinks my make up brush is a stick to hit a ball with. He would choose a ball or car over me anytime! I would love a little girl to do all the girly things with me. But i will also say that we are so lucky to have Kingston. If he's the only child we have I will always love and cherish him. :)

Wanna see a funny picture? Josie texted me this today. This was in our apartment in rexburg! It was summer 2008. 4 years! Wow. I'm old.