Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lazy Day

King and I have stayed pretty busy this summer. We've been on several planes to several different places (some unintentional), we have been to the beach, the pool, the park and the zoo. We have ran alot of errands together and even taken a few naps. It's been a great couple of months. I've been there as he started taking his first steps and now he is walking everywhere! I've tried to teach him as much as his little one year old mind can handle. He even knows what app on my iPad is the one he loves. Let alone he knows how to turn on the iPad. I mean he's still so young and he does silly things, like right now he's got a golf ball and he's smashing into a Lego... Whatever floats his boat!!?

But I am so glad I've been able to be with him this summer. Our school schedule is moving to traditional so I won't have my breaks with him like I did last year but that just means I've have an extra long summer next year :)

I'm excited to start a new year with a new group of kiddos. I love my job. I feel lucky to have a job that I love going to.

But I sure will miss that face!