Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well it's been a great day! Good week actually. Today my friend and i took the kids and went to a couple estate sales. Im oddly obsessed with finding good deals on anything and am in the market for some furniture to complete our guest room. One of my dreams is to buy old furniture and refinish it. I will be reupholstering a chair this year! Just you wait!

This past week was my last week teaching for three weeks! I will miss my kiddos and I have a long todo list of things to plan for school but I am so excited to be home with that adorbs baby of mine and play stay at home mom for a few weeks. The perks of being a teacher :)

We celebrated Jon's 27th birthday this week! Such an old man. He loved my present (custom golf shoes) and we went to a delicious dinner at Flemings steakhouse. He was oddly obsessed with nobody knowing it was his bday so we kind of kept it low key. It was nice and I just love that man.

Spring is here and although the past couple of days have been kinda rainy and chilly, this week should be sunny and warm! King and I will be frequenting the park and eating Popsicles.

Ally and Dans wedding is coming up soon too! My parents are coming out for a full week! I'm excited to have my family come and have a big enough place for them to stay :)

Life is just good.


AllyM said...

i am obsessed with yall. for real.