Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Had To Say

Anyone who knows and loves me knows and loves that my singing voice is "sub par" at best. But I love to belt it out in the car, in the shower, getting ready and especially when I'm hanging out with baby K.

This post is to mark a very special day in mom and kingston world.

We had a full day of playing with friends at thanksgiving point's tulip festival and later seeing aunt Ally and Dan for a delicious dinner (it pays to marry a Latino.. Thank you Ally)...we were on our way home when Kingston lost his cool and wanted to cry instead of clap his hands or coo back to me as I talk to him like he understands. Usually in these rare instances I just grit my teeth and find my inner calm Meghan which lets be real, doesn't really exists but tonight I tried something different.

There is a song by My Brightest Diamond called I Have Never Loved Someone and i have been whisper singing it to Kingston since he was a little teeny baby. Tonight, to sooth his cries, I started singing this magical lullaby to him louder than I ever have before. He immediately stopped crying and in a span of one minute fell fast asleep.

I love being a mom. I love being Kingston's mom. I am so lucky.

So to all those haters and make funners of my singing (including that husband of mine): I don't care what you think. My baby loves my voice and that is all I need.

Sweet dreams!