Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tis' the Season

I am a holiday LOVER! As the weather is getting brisk and the snow is trying to fall, the holidays are just around the corner.. I will be listening to Christmas music starting right after Turkey day. And I can hardly wait! :) This Christmas will be a little different since I won't be with my parentals, or my sweet siblings, but I will be celebrating with Jon's side of the fam. I am excited to see their traditions and spend quality time with them! Jon and I will make the trek to New Jersey to be with my side of the family next year :)

I must comment on Conan. Holla on him being back. I am sad to admit that today as I sit on the couch it will only be the second epi that I've watched of my favorite tall red-headed man, but I promise I'm still a fan. (It's just been a really busy week, alright?!) But I'm glad he is back and loving his new gig!

I got called into the Young Women's presidentcy in my ward and man is it a BUSY bee calling. There are meetings, and activities ALL THE TIME! But I'm excited to work with the young women of the ward and I am starting to really appreciate all the hard work that my leaders did growing up to help me become a better person.

Hm, what else?

Sometimes Jon pretends he's in a boy band. My favorite is when he sings primary songs in the mirror while dancing like J.Timberlake. Or when he sings me songs in the car on our journeys. He's cute.

I'm also starting to have nightmares about being a teacher. November 29th is just around the corner and then I'm going to be the sole person responsibile to teach those little jems the things they need to know to go on to second grade. AH. Keep me in your prayers.

All my love.