Sunday, January 3, 2010

oh hey, I'm engaged!

this most definitely needs to be updated! SOOOOOOO.....Jon popped the question! I said yes!! I am officially engaged to the love of my life!!!! I am so happy.

Its only natural to think back in time and see how much the present isn't at all what you imagined it would be. A year ago I was in such a different state of mind about love and when Jon and I met, I was still apprehensive that it was a feeling that could last. I was definitely scared to commit at first because I have been hurt a lot. But he was so consistent and as everyone says when you meet the one, "you just know". its so true. :)

we are planning on an August wedding since I'll be graduating in July! It's gonna be a celebration to remember! I'll keep yall posted!!

here are some pics of jon and I, oh and the gorgeous ring he got me :)


Britt said...

You deserve it!! I am just happy for you! LOVE YOU TONS!