Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So we are finally moved into our condo! And it's finally looking normal. Paint counts as decoration right? Ha ha

It's been a crazy few days as real adulthood called our name in the form of if you want heat and hot water you have to have call the heat company to come turn it on. Ha ha. Just imagine me crouched outside in the dark using my phone as a flashlight to turn the valve on the heat meter on because Jon was at the jazz game. So needless to say when I overheard one of my first graders say they want to be grown up today I just laughed and my moms voice rang in my head when she would tell me that being grown up isn't that fun. Once again she was right. But we have heat! I'm such a grown up.

Also commuting to Salt Lake has been rough. I miss my ten minute ride and it's only been two days. The things we do for suburbia...

Well I would post pics but here's what you get...more to come later. Also found that hilarious baby pic online. Hope it makes you laugh!