Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ummm is it possible that I am actually blogging from my iPhone? Wow! How did I ever survive without this dime piece of technology? It's even correcting all my misspelled words as I type! I love you iPhone.

Anyway there is something amiss with my blogging lately. I have been horrible about it. I still haven't even blogged about my trip to jersey. Wow! It was a great break away from reality. I legit felt like I was so far away from real life. Although I quite enjoy my life, it's still nice to get away once and awhile.

A few highlights:

Maddie is of course adorable and crazy as ever! My mom and I ventured into new York city which was an adventure. It's so huge it's unreal. Times Square looks so different in person. We went down to the jersey shore where I got to see te ocean and my aunts! We drank sonic drinks everyday, ate a lot of food, and even made Kingston a blanket! It was a great trip! Can't wait to go for Christmas with my hubs and our little baby!

Well that's all for tonight! Peace and blessings!