Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a baby.

I just finished cleaning the apartment and then I decided to open the window in our room because it's nice out and i discovered condensation all over the window/window sill and...MOLD!!!!!! I immediately freaked out, ran and got my rubber gloves and got to work. 25 paper towels later, it looks kinda better. EW, apartment living.

Jon and I are currently saving to buy a house. Our plan is to have our heeeeefffttty down payment by Octoberish and then we will buy a house at the end of the year/first of 2012! Isnt that so exciting? We are kinda like real grown ups. But with little King on the way, living in a one bedroom apartment just is NOT gonna cut it. He's not even here yet and theres no room for him. (ps, i just tried loading the ultrasound video on here but I dont get just imagine a button nosed boy flipping and turning around)

Last night was funny. For many reasons. Ally and I talked for awhile. I facebook stalked people while we were on the phone then we started fb stalking ourselves. I decided my "body" prime was back in 2008 and then Ally decided the same thing. If you are friends with Ally on FB, go to her albums, go to PROM and look at picture number 2. She looks like a pagent winner. It's HILARIOUS. She also thought she was fat back then. WHAT THE?! But on a happy note, Ally has lost ten pounds! Isnt that awesome? I wont talk about my weight. I'm prego, it's a moot point.

Anyway, after Ally's and I's convo I needed to eat. Jon was working at the Jazz game, so I got in the car and drove erractically around looking for a Thai food place. FOUND ONE! Got some curry, came home and woofed it down. I am currently eating the leftovers for lunch. My pregnancy book says the baby will have a taste for the things that I eat from here on out. SO this is what Kingston will like: pop-tarts, thai food, soup, and popsicles. That's usually what I eat. Except lately I've been way into icecream. ICECREAM!! yuummm. I want an ice cream sandwich.

Last night Kingston was moving around a lot. It kinda freaked me out because it was random and he would just kick and it scared me then I would start laughing. Then Jon got home and I had a legit meltdown telling him about one of my students who cried golf ball sized tears yesterday when his mom didn't make it in time for our "Publishing Party" (the kids wrote stories and we invited the parents to come watch them read them). He clung on to me asking me why she didnt come. It was so sad. So I was bawling and then laughing at myself. Teaching is making me even more of a baby.

Well I should probably go watch some Grey's Anatomy while Jon's still working. Love you!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Worry, I'm still Alive.

So its Thursday night. 10:41 PM. This is the time that I usually get into bed, read a page of a pregnancy book, call Jon in to read scriptures and then it's lights out by 11. Yes, I am a grandma. But I wanted to post the following post:

This blog post was originally typed out on my blackberry while lying on my death bed. (I didn't have the strength to get my computer and turn it on)
I have been sick with the influenza since last wednesday. I blame it on two things: a profesh prenatal message I got that released tons of toxins into my body, and also my snot ridden 1st grades who sneeze on me. I blame the fact that I'm not better and its five days later on being prego. You really can't take any medicine because it could hurt the baby. So while I'd normally be popping flu meds and nyquil on the every four hour dot, I am laying on my bed with a cold towel on my head trying to extract the fever. Its not fun.
But on a brighter note, we got to see Kingston last week! I'm gonna try and see if I can figure out how to post the video they gave us on here. He looks so cute! He's huge! I can feel him moving around in my tummy every once and awhile. Its such a crazy feeling. I'm also stepping out of the awkward fat stage and looking legit prego...but only when I stick my belly out and walk like I just got off a horse...but it totally works!

Jon got a real man job and just finished his first week! He likes it so far, which is great! His schedule is pretty flexible too since he gets to make his own hours during the day, so I really like that. I will especially like that when the baby boy comes out! I plan on teaching for awhile so it really is a blessing that he found a job that is so flexible. We are pretty blessed.

I hope everyone Januarys were great, can u believe its almost February? I'm going to have to give birth soon....I'm terrified!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have long hair.

Happy 2011!!!!! I hope everyone's new years was great. Of COURSE a new year will make you reflect on the last and I did that, and realized how lucky I am. I married the perfect man for me, and now he's my baby daddy! I also got a great job AND my hair got super long this year too. It's legit cascading down my back now and I've said it before and I'll say it again, being in love makes your hair grow. Thank you JON. <3

Yikes, I can't believe it's already January 12th. Almost halfway through? Crazy. I am four and a half months pregnant. That's even crazier. People have asked me to post pictures of my prego belly. uhhhhh GROSS!! hahah. Honestly I'm just still at that awkward stage where I just look fat, but people probably wonder if i'm pregnant but don't want to ask because what if i'm not? Yeah...thats the stage I'm at.

My students are hilarious. Here's an example from today. One of my girls came up to me and told me she loves Justin Bieber. I asked her what song was her favorite and she spouted a couple off then told me she also likes David Enchilada. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA. Youre welcome.

Love you!