Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gaga for Gaga

I just ate five laffy taffy's...TIME TO BLOG! A commercial for the iphone is on right now...they advertise an app that turns on and off your lights in your house FROM YOUR PHONE. is that even possible? if they had that back in the day Kevin would never have been left "Home Alone" that Christmas.

Today was good. Slept til NOON...went to work, talked to ally and my mom, bought the newest Cosmo just because Lady Gaga was on the cover, talked to Stephie (the best header-maker EVER), and now im watching The Real World DC waiting for my boo to call me.

Speaking of Lady Gaga...her and Beyonce's Telephone video is seriously insane. To see it you have to go to and search for Telephone. YouTube isnt even showing it...thats how scandelous it is. Lady Gaga reminds me of how I felt about Michael Jackson. I just want to strip them down from all their craziness and stare at them to see what they REALLY look like.

Im heading up to Rexburg this weekend to see Ally! Also to get some shorts out of my storage because Utah is getting awesome and spring is on its way. :) I'm excited to be surrounded by friends this weekend. Although I have my sweet, wonderful, perfect Jon here, I do miss my friends in Rexburg and the familiarity of being there. AND Ally just started kinda dating a guy and I would like to meet him and measure his worthiness...:)

Until the next time...