Tuesday, October 14, 2008


this is a tribute to the best of them.

Ally pork chop, late night chat time, sisters.
Josie the last four years, the mission, best friends.
Mom Tina Turner, late nights watching HGTV, and hoping I'm like you when I grow up.
Dad being scared during E.T, taking me to college, and always being your little girl.
Marion dells, running to G's, and the rest of college.
Adam D&C, turtles/humility, first love.
Alissa the past.
Cate our 208, eating in general, and being my little sister.
Stephanie G's, the hotel, and laughing really hard all the time.
Craig seven week break, FO MINUTES, and Disneyland.
Matt loving DP, growing up and being poor teachers, I just admire you.
Mike the ultimate shoulder to lean on, being my favorite student, and being a brother to me.
Ashley living together, our talks til 2am, and forever friends.
Alan after school rituals, nigga beat box, and growing up.

im just really lucky :)


Caitlin said...

aw meg i feel so special..when i tell my friends back home about you i tell them that you're like my older sister away from home :) i just love ya.

InYourBoat said...

I can't believe your Dell has the technology to load up your blog. You must have done it on campus.

Love ya more than Cate does!

Stephanie Johnson said...

Yesssss laughing all the time is right! i can't wait to live with you again!!

shipples said...

we'll always have disneyland.