Thursday, September 18, 2008

ahhh life

So the other day I was thinking about things that freaking suck. Like tipping a waitress that doesnt deserve it, just so you don't look cheap...or late fees for a movie you rented that you never had time to watch...or having no clue how to use a semicolon one word or two? hmmm, I think that's interesting that I don't know that because I'm going to be teaching 8 year olds how to survive life, nice. But seriously some stuff about growing up just sucks (oh no im gonna be emo...) but really. Remember when you were little and you would cry and be so mad you weren't 25 with your own life in some random city...all because your dad wouldn't give you money for the ice cream man?! Maybe that's just me but I was like, "I'll show him..when I have my own $5." Like I even knew what that meant...or how about when your alarm clock goes off and it's only Tuesday and you're already worn out? Or putting a smile on when your friend calls to talk about her boyfriend/girlfriend for an hour and a half when you haven't gone on a date in months...? I mean, I definitely wasn't thinking about those kind of things when I was seven and just wanted to be independent...THE PARENTALS: THEY WERE RIGHT! They told us we wouldn't want to be grown up when we were and man did they nail that one! I wish there was a guide to this whole growing up stuff...its kinda unfair they just throw us in here and tell us to get a job, find some sucker who decides forever could be alright with you and three annoying kids, take care of yourself and be responsible...just Grow Up! In the words of the greatest show ever created (Grey's Anatomy) "We get taller, we get older. But do we ever really grow up?" Well i dont really know because I still feel like im 12 BUT I dont want to be too negative, I have a great life. Great friends and a family that is always there...especially when I'm 23 and still don't have my own 5 bucks...I'm growing up, right?!


InYourBoat said...

Amen sister! Here's to growing up!.. pour some out for my dead homies, and my unmarried sisters that are accumulating cellulite as the years run by. I love you and your poor-ass booty!

Here's a semicolon for ya; it is used to break up a sentence that can stand on its own. I'm a rec major beotch!

Stephanie Johnson said...

Favorite line: "I'm going to be teaching 8 year olds how to survive life, nice."

shipples said...

haha. you got all this right on the dot! love it. and i love the pic of the ice cream truck with the little girl, nice.