Friday, September 23, 2011

I downloaded blogger on my phone so I thought I would share some recent pics!

First we have baby King being oh so cute.

Then there's our friends Nikki and Trevors little one Eliza.

Then Jon with three babes at the cabin.

Then a pic of me. I have brown hair! And it's gotten so long it's crazy.

Then daddy and baby and finally to top things off another sweet picture of my four month old love bug!

Pic of the babe!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Check up with the Stoddards

What in the heck? Kingston is almost four months old. I haven't blogged in forever but I am one busy girl I barely have time to cuddle with my hubby. And when the choice to blog or cuddle arises I'd much rather cuddle. But I have somedown time so I'll recap the past couple months.

I started working. I love my class. Last year I started in the middle of the year so it didn't fully feel like my class. But this year has been going so great. I have tied more shoes than iever have before but that's okay. My favorite thing is listening totem talk to each other while they're coloring or doing independent work. They are hysterical. One kid saud the other day that if he wa Elvis every girl would love him. How can anyone not love six year olds? And I get to hang out with 25 of them everyday.

Since we are on year round school I worked for a month and had 3 weeks off so Jon and I decided to take a trip with baby King. We flew to San Fransiso for a few days to see our friends Brian and Jane. After that we flew to Michigan to see Grandma Mullin. Then we flew to Jersey to see my parents and Maddie. Kingston loved seeing his Nana and grandfather. :) Jon got to experience new York for the first time. His thoughts? Smelly.

We got back, moved and I started work again. And now we are up at our friends cabin watching the Utah/byu game...hence the reason I have time to blog. Football bores me.

Oh and Ally moved in with us!! Yay!

Until next time remember that you are blessed! Oh and sorry about no pics I'm on Jons iPad and I don't know how to post them on here.