Saturday, February 27, 2010

what up utah?

Well, a good friend kindly reminded me that it was time for me to "turn down the suck" and update! So here I am with my latest and greatest...

The point of this blog is to express how I feel about living in Utah. I Love It!

Living in Utah is great. I love this state, I really do. I'm not the biggest fan of Provo, but she gets the job done. I have a pretty great job (tanning salon) who doesnt love getting their tan on? The girls are all super nice and the hours are great as well. I do miss my work friends back in that was really work...but im doing just fine.

Living in Utah is also great because I get to see Jon a lot! We spent the whole day together yesterday and it was amazing. We have so much fun together. Doing errands are even fun with him. It's just so nice being this happy. I hope it never ends!

Being away from Ally is quite annoying, i miss her a lot. I also miss Stephie. I just miss my girls. Its hard to come home to a somewhat stinky, lonely apartment. I miss being all up in each other's business. :)

Hmmm what else? The wedding planning is coming along...we've made lists and stuff and we are getting ideas of what we want. I am constantly looking at bridal blogs and mags and just getting SO excited! Nothing can be completely solidified until summer because we can't book places or buy stuff right now. I did find a GORGEOUS dress that I love. I'm a little huge though so I gotta shed some lbs, but im working on it...I stopped drinking soda..CRAZY, i know, but i did it. I feel skinnier kinda..and my gas is almost completely gone...WEIRD!!! I think thats probably a good thing...

My dad moved to NJ. Mom and Mads will be moving up there soon enough. I am way pumped! I think that it will be nice to be closer to family. Also, Jon and I are way pumped because we are gonna come for Christmas this year and that means we both get to experience NYC together for the first time :) Im excited for my parents and their new adventure.

Wow, this post is long and kinda boring. But I wanted to mention something crazy is the world right now? Haiti, now Chile and the tsumani scares? Signs of the times. Just do the things you know to be right and you will be blessed. God loves us. He wants us to succeed. Don't let those praying knees get lazy.

until the next time. :)